8 Tips for Newcomers in World of Warcraft

1. How to choose a server

Server population affects only one thing these days: Auction House. The more players of your faction play on a certain server, the more goods Auction holds. If you are an often guest to the Auction House, pick a server where your faction is represented widely.

The rest doens’t matter. Most of locations are cross-realm, which means you will always find a questing group with ease.

2. How to choose a faction

To be fair, most WoW players have a character or two in both factions. You can always switch between them if you’d ever find yourself bored by Storwind choir or Orgrimmar drums.

Rich kids can always transfer a character, but there’s no actual point since you can find decent raiding groups within any of the faction.

3. How to choose a race

Races don’t matter nowadays since all the overpowerved passives were nerfed.

Pick whatever you find nice-looking, but probably you should base your choise on the gameplay you expect. And the gameplay is based on the class.

4. How to choose a class

For the first time it’s suggested to play damage dealer which can be any class ever.

Tanking requires deep understanding of aggro system, a fair amount of initiation spirit, and strong control over mobs and your group. In the meantime, healing will bore you to death.

The only thing worth mentioning is, in PvE tanks and healers are ten times more needed than damage dealers.

 5. Addons

Addons are UI tweaks, and not a single raid goes without them.

Basically, what you want to do is to visit Curse.com and browse through the most popular addons. If you wan’t to set up in one click, download ElvUI or similar bundle. Someday you will master the addons and create you own perfectly clean and informative user interface.

6. Be social

A guild is what you definitely need when you’re totally new to the game.

Most likely, you’ll get an invite to a guild in the first 10 minutes of playing. Go ahead and accept it. Ask questions, and remember you are free to leave one guild for another if anything goes wrong.

7. Money making

Gold hasn’t been a problem for a while now, unless you want to buy superexpensive mounts.

Learn gathering profession and gather anything that gathers. This will keep you up for a long time.

8. All hail item level

When you open your character window, you will notice a number in the top right corner.

This number is called item level, and by that people decide whether you’re good or not. Push maximum out of it and trick everyone into thinking you’re pro.

Most of the players surely miss the day when they were newbies. So take your time and have fun!