Antorus or Suicide?

I am from Russia. They call me Pyotr Razumovsky, and I’m 19 years old. I live in Novoshakhtinsk in the middle of nowhere. Last year modern technologies have come to our town, and thanks to that some people including me have Internet now. There are 110.234 humans in Novoshakhtinsk and everybody is in depression.

Earning money in a rural town

How to find a job in Novoshakhtinsk? No chance. But with Internet anyone can make a quick buck on freelance: by designing a logo, writinig some copy, etc. I myself am very smart so I chose to be a MMORPG booster. I help rich Europeans with Antorus boost. It all started a couple of months ago when I earned 20€. That wasn’t enough to feed my ambitions so I started work instead of sleeping just to reach amazing 100€/month salary. I became a king of Novoshakhtinsk. I had it all: loyal friends, legged girl and a scooter.

Blogging or mining?

Once success was achieved, I have quit WoW and become a blogger. Shortly after it started looking obvious that bloggers aren’t needed in Novoshakhtinsk, miners are. My blogging career teared apart, so did my heart. I was this close to suicide. I searched for the highest building in the neighborhood to jump from it and end my pitiful existence.

The right choice

I crawled out of the window and stared at the abyss below me. Suddenly I had an insight. I realized that WoW was sustaining me all the time, just like a guardian angel. Normal antorus boost, heroic antorus boost — that’s what led me through difficult times and gave hope. And I chose life. Life of my lovely Blood Elf Warrior level 110.

Dozens of guys like Pyotr are working their hands to the bone to earn a loaf of bread. Pyotr, in particular, is working for Thanks to you, a guy has a chance in life. He masterfully completes solo boosting and also takes part in Antorus raids.
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