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    We will gladly provide you with a livestream with your character. In some cases when streaming is unavailable due to technical reasons, we will make a screenshot of each match so you can be sure we are not using wintrade.

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    Customer privacy is our number one priority. The players are restricted from chatting with anyone via your account, using inventory and spending gold without permission. In case of breaking the rules our boosters receive a warning and a penalty.

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    In 6 years of working on in-game services market we’ve met enough talented and reliable boosters, and we also have some special order priority arrangements. You will not have to wait more than 48 hours before we start doing your order.

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  • Ordering a PVP service. Update: Everything went fine, service was provided, stream was up all the way, A++! Update #2: Seller is very kind and he promised that they will play additionally to secure title, very proffesional service guys! If you look for PVP boost, don't look past this offer!!!

    mirdanek84 at

  • This guys are great @ skype and i could stream the whole process. If you look for pvp boost look no further . I will wait for season end ofc to see that i reached gladiator rank but i am sure they will take care of it . Definitely i will work with them next season.!

    Maxfx at

  • I have bought a 3s Gladiator boost 2 days ago. Had a great experience with this seller! These guys were very friendly, anwered all my questions fast and provided me a stream to watch the boost going. They also used VPN to make it secure and completed my glad the second day after I ordered it. Will surely work with them again.

    Eogwyn at

If you are playing World of Warcraft on european servers, and would like to boost your pvp performace, specifically your arena rating, if you want to buy all the arena achievements in WoW, such as hot streak, hotter streak, last man standing and others, or if you perhaps want to go all the way and buy an Arena master or even a Gladiator boost, including Wild Gladiator, you’ve come to the right place.
To start improving your PvP in Warlords of Draenor, you should begin with getting proper pvp gear. You can start by buying a full set of honor gear. Our players know how to efficiently farm honor points, so you will get arena gear in no time. We only work with players that farm honor point by legitimately, with any exploits and bots. After we proceed with your order, the players will be queueing in Ashran (a new WoW PvP location), as well as playing on BGs and participating in Arena skirmishes, that have returned to WoW with the release of WoD, and reward victors with honor points and chests with PvP gear. Between Arena skirmishes, BGs and Ashran, the required amount of honor points will be farmed up in just two days.
After getting the Wild Combatant gear (PvP honor gear), we can start boosting arena rating for you. You can buy arena rating in any format, be it 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5. 1800 arena rating will let you increase your conquest points cap that you can use for buying top-tier pvp gear (700 ilvl, the Wild Gladiator’s gear set). 2000 arena rating will help you find players that you could carry on playing with. 2200 arena rating is a serious achievement and is a sign of a good player, especially in 3v3.
You can buy arena rating on our website:
You can buy any arena rating from us: 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600 and so on. If you want to get a custom arena rating, contact our support and we will help you with buying the arena boost you need.
With higher arena rating comes a higher conquest points cap. This is one of the two quick ways how we can boost pvp gear in World of Warcraft. You can also boost your gear by buying RBG rating.
Buying arena rating isn’t good just for that. 2200 arena rating in 3v3 and/or 5v5 will allow you to equip the elite set of the current season, which is different in colour compared to the default set. 2400 arena rating will let you buy powerful enchants for your weapons (1k conquest points each). Buy a 2600 arena rating boost, and you will receive a unique tabard and a transmog cloak.
If you are interested in an Arena Master boost, Gladiator boost or a Wild Gladiator boost, you will first need to have a full set of Wild Gladiator gear. You can buy a Wild Gladiator gear set boost from us. But first you will have to be fully equipped with honor gear.
When your character has the best pvp gear on them, you are now ready for buying a Gladiator boost, that is one of the most prestigious achievements in World of Warcraft’s PvP. The basic Gladiator service will include 2400 arena rating right after you buy the Gladiator boost, so that you could have a high conquest point cap throughout the season in order to get the Primal Gladiator gear set. Closer to the end of the season, our players will boost your arena rating high enough to receive the Gladiator title. 
If you want to go even further and become the Wild Gladiator, you can do that as well by buying the Wild Gladiator boost from us. Your character will be used by the best players in the world that have a history of receiving rank one Gladiators in consecutive seasons.
Prestigious arena achievements do not end with the Gladiator, however. The Arena Master meta-achievement, for example, includes a variety of arena achievements and is considered to be a sign of high skill as well. You can buy arena achievements required for the Arena master from us, as well as other arena achievements.
The Arena Master achievements consists of the following:
"World Wide Winner": win a ranked match on every arena. Generally acquired while doing other, more complex arena achievements.
"Brutally dedicated": win 300 arena matches of any kind on any rating.
"Just the two os us: 2200”: receive 2200 arena rating in 2v2.
Three’s company: 2200”: receive 2200 arena rating in 3v3.
High five: 2200”: receive 2200 arena rating in 5v5.
Hot streak”: win ten matches in a row.
Hotter streak”: win ten matches with an arena rating above 1800
Last man standing”: be the last person to survive and win in a ranked 5v5 arena match
If you are interested in receiving the vicious saddle, we can help you with a Wild Combatant boost. You will have to either buy 100 3v3 arena wins or 40 RBG wins.
All in all, if you are interested in buying an arena boost of any kind on European realms, is your best bet. We will help you with anything: Gladiator, Arena rating boosts, pvp gear boosts and arena achievements.