Battle for Azeroth leveling guide

Battle for Azeroth leveling guide



Leveling from 110 to 120 takes about 15-18 hours, if you are not in hurry and want to enjoy the process. In other words, it means 5-6 evenings to reach level 120 for most of adult gamers.




Starting quests will bring you green items (including weapons!) 187 item level. If you succeeded to have a character in 960+ ilvl in Legion – it will help in leveling a lot, so you can keep old epics until 115-116 level. Don’t miss the very important new artifact neck – Heart of Azeroth. It’s not only best in slot neck, but also a key to your armor upgrades and bonuses.


Azerite is the new AP

The blood of Azeroth crystallizes into chunks of azerite, an extremely potent and powerful material. We are gathering azerite to level up our artifact neck. First levels are earning with ease, later we have to farm azerite intentionally to open more traits.



We can’t fly in new expansion for now. Blizzard already announced achievement which will lead to flying in BfA: Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One. Part Two should be available later.



By the end of leveling you will explore most part of your faction isle, earn about 10 K gold by quests, and should have level 6 of your new artifact neck –  Heart of Azeroth. 10 dungeons and 2 raid dungeons, island expeditions and warfronts, 3 Alliance and 3 Horde locations, many secrets of BfA are awaiting new adventurers!


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Alliance faction is located on Kul Tiras island, which contains 3 locations: Stormsong Valley, Drustvar, Tiragarde Sound.

Stormsong Valley is a flat location, convenient for leveling: quest chains are leading us from one zone to another. Quest theme sheds light on the most mysterious Old God named N’Zoth… and some other sea creatures.

Drustvar is a gloomy location with cultists, witches and ghosts of old times. It reminded me Darkshire a bit, but only by atmosphere in whole, because the Drust nation is unique.

Tiragarde Sound is a bright location full of pirates, yarrr! It covers history of Proudmoore family.

Horde faction’s BfA home is Zandalar Isle in South Seas. It has 3 locations aswell: Vol’dun, Nazmir, Zuldazar.

Nazmir can be compared with Un’Goro crater, because it’s full of prehistoric beasts and dinos. Tribes of Blood Trolls are located here – same as main source of Rot.

Vol’dun is a hostile desert land: Old Gods attacked it, troll tribes sent their outlaws here… worth to look on the results, but be careful!

Zuldazar is the capital of Zandalar Isle, which makes this location most safe and good-looking one. Visit this remnant of the once-mighty Zandalar empire, earn the trust of King Rastakhan and the Zanchuli Council to gain access to Zuldazar’s resources and superior naval force.

Class raid buff abilities

Did you ever miss your class raid buff ability like I did? Love to be useful in raids and groups and buff their common strength by your own presence?

Battle for Azeroth adds class abilities which provide a buff to your part or raid! Our old favorites like Arcane Intellect and Mark of the Wild are back now. In Legion, all of the raid-wide class buffs were removed, and some of them are making a return now.


Dungeon list


  • Atal’Dazar

  • Freehold

  • Shrine of the Storm

  • Siege of Boralus

  • Temple of Sethraliss

  • The Undermine

  • The Underrot

  • Tol Dagor

  • Waycrest Manor


First raids

Uldir is the first upcoming raid with 8 bosses, located in Nazmir, Zandalar Isle.

A raid against Queen Azshara will be released after launch.


Stormwing and Orgrimmar changes


New buildings will appear in two Azeroth capitals. Visit your faction leader and take the responsibility of our story in Battle for Azeroth!