Brawler’s Guild

What is Brawler’s Guild?

It’s a solo scenario to proof your skill and DPS. Players from different realms has to wait in general queue, so best choice is to avoid hot evening hours – or just hire an experienced player who will make it safe while you are working. 1-2 days are enough to finish.


How to get inside

The entrance is located in Stormwind’s subway (Alliance), or Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar (Horde). Blood-Soaked Invitation or Brawler’s Pass are required to enter. This pass can be bought on Auction House or just presented by a friend.



Main reason to try out this challenge is Brawler’s Burly Basilisk mount. It’s available for 3,200 gold once you finish off all the bosses.

Other rewards are Tylarr Gronnden pet for 400G, Pugilist’s Powerful Punching Ring for 1,600G, and Meatball – a strong follower with unique ability.



Bring any 110 level character with 930+ item level in DPS spec, and we will make the highest rank – or refund your money otherwise. The oldest boosting site guarantees this.

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