Calibration / Placement Games

Calibration (Placement Games) in CS:GO is performed for the first 10 games on every new account. This procedure is to determine player’s approximate rank so that professionals wouldn’t waste their time climbing all the way up to Global Elite, and newbies wouldn’t suffer on higher ranks.

Buying CS:GO Calibration service allows you to reach high rank such as Master Guardian. It’s cheaper than buying normal CS:GO Rank Boost, but only available one time for each account.


  1. The boost is done in 5 days, because only 2 calibration games can be played daily.
  2. We will achieve decent results in all 10 games, which almost ensures you to get Master Guardian and higher.
  3. All items that you might loot from cases will stay on your account.

For your own account safety make sure to enable Family Sharing.
Steam Guard must be disabled during whole boosting process.