New World Leveling

The player’s worst nightmare in New World is the one where the entire map is the enemy faction’s color. And this nightmare becomes a reality, because while you are sleeping, the enemies are growing up and taking the cities! So what do you do? You cannot forego your sleep, work, and the real life. We offer a different way out: just order our leveling of your New World character.

What you get:

  • Character leveling up to the ordered level;
  • Faction on your choice (just tell us what do you prefer: Marauders, Covenant or Syndicate);
  • Order customization possibility for additional payment: skills leveling, resources grinding, weapon mastery, reputation farm, expedition runs et cetera;
  • Careful work and everyday support from our side

If you are looking for more information about the leveling process of the New World MMO, just contact us in Skype / Discord / site chat, and we will gladly answer.


    • 39 €
    • 85 €
    • 145 €
    • 229 €
    • 349 €
    • 499 €