New World Skill Boost

Gathering skills

There are currently 5 Gathering skills in New World, each with their associated Tool:

  • Fishing (Pole)
  • Harvesting (Sickle)
  • TLogging (Logging Axe)
  • Mining (Pickaxe)
  • Skinning (Skinning Knife)

Leveling up a Gathering Skill unlocks the ability to gather different, higher-level resources. Miners gather Stone and Ore, Skinners gather animal hides, Loggers gather wood, and Harvesters gather plants. As your skill at gathering increases, you also gain the ability to detect nearby valuable resources on your in-game compass, and find special Rare Resources that can add special Perks to crafted items.


Refining skills

There are currently 5 Refining skills in New World:

  • Smelting
  • Stonecutting
  • Tanning
  • Weaving
  • Woodworking

Leveling up a Refining Skill unlocks the ability to refine higher-level resources into higher-level crafting materials. Smelters refine Ore into Ingots, Stonecutters refine Stone into Blocks and cut Gemstones, Woodworkers refine Wood into Lumber, Tanners refine Rawhide into Leather, and Weavers refine Fibers into Cloth. As your Refining Skill increases, it makes you more resource-efficient: higher-level refiners have a chance to gain extra refined resources while they refine.

Crafting Skills

There are currently 7 crafting skills in New World:

  • Armoring (apparel)
  • Arcana (potions, tinctures, and magical weapons)
  • Cooking (meals and drinks)
  • Engineering (ranged weapons and ammunition)
  • Furnishing (furniture, chests, and trophies for houses)
  • Jewelcrafting (trinkets, rings, necks)
  • Weaponsmithing (melee weapons)

Leveling a crafting skill unlocks more recipes and more powerful versions of them.

The basis for amounts crafted increase in yield is calculated by 4 factors:

  1. The base chance for that tier to create extra items.
  2. The skill level divided by a factor of 10.
  3. The refining material used.
  4. The difference in tier between the refining material used and the final product.

As you can see, there are many trade skills in New World MMO, and they are bound with each other. We can help you leveling them fast, so you’ll be able to get profit from your character’s trade skills – both for yourself and for trading!


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