Kil’Jaeden Kill Carry

Eredar demon lord has overstayed his welcome.
Make sure to show him the door — buy Kil’Jaeden kill on any difficulty.

  1. You could earn Ahead of the Curve: Kil’jaeden or Cutting Edge: Kil’jaeden achievement
  2. You could loot something pleasant from him (make sure you have Seal of Broken Fate with you)
  3. You could finally understand what exactly to do on this encounter

Who is Kil’Jaeden anyway?

Kil’Jaeden is the current leader of the Burning Legion and — believe it or not — the creator of the Lich King.
Since Sargeras has been having so many troubles lately, Kil’Jaeden decided he could take over the reins of Legion.
He ordered Gul’Dan to open the Tomb of Sargeras so Azeroth would face the most powerful and terrifying demons ever sought.
The final battle in ToS is meant to draw the finish line under Legion expansion.

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