Mage Tower Artifact Challenge Boost

Mage Tower Challenge is what you need for new artifact look if your patience is over limit.

A Challenging Look is what you will earn after the boosting is finished.

Mage Tower artifact challenge includes:

  • Mage Tower scenario completed
  • One of 7 challenges depending on your class and spec
  • New Artifact appearance

We require your toon to be level 110 with 900+ item level and 52th level of artifact.

What’s Mage Tower

Mage Tower is a building on the Broken Shore which you construct step-by-step by turning in Legionfall War Supplies. Every turn-in grants you reputation, and once a needed amount is gathered, the Mage Tower arises.

There’s a solo challenge inside — it is really difficult and takes your skills to the maximum. Once completed, the challenge rewards a unique artifact appearance.

Despite nerfs, Mage Tower still tickles players’ nerves to the extreme point. They even came up with a slang name for it — the Rage Tower.

A wise man once said: “It’s much more wiser to buy Mage Tower boost than to die trying”.

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