Eternal Palace mythic lootrun

Antorus Normal loot run price includes:

Difference Between Personal and Master Loot



Loot guarantee

None 7+ items

Tier tokens

Maybe Option to loot all of them


Maybe Option to loot all of them


Maybe Option to loot all of them

Offset items

Maybe Option to loot all of them

Normal Antorus carry info:

We need you to have a character of 110 level. You may have any item level or enter the raid even naked if that’s your thing. No requirements but 110 level.If you wish to actually participate in the fight, you might want to have some survivability or read tactics. We do the rest.

Buy Antorus Normal Boost and loot 7+ items of 930+ item level (on Master loot). Antorus, the Burning Throne is WoW Legion raid from 7.3.5 update. It is located on Argus planet, in the Antoran Wastes. This location is a no-fly zone and is very hostile, just like the Isle of Thunder.

There are 11 bosses in the Antorus raid:

  • Varimathras
  • Aggramar (drops T21 Helm)
  • Portal keeper Hasabel
  • The Coven of Shivarra (drops T21 Shoulder)
  • Felhounds of Sargeras
  • Garothi Worldbreaker
  • Antoran High Command (drops T21 Back)
  • Kin’Garoth (drops T21 Gloves)
  • Imonar the Soulhunter (drops T21 Legs)
  • Eonar the Life-Binder (drops T21 Chest)
  • Argus the Unmaker

Antorus Normal notable loot:

The loot on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties differs only by item level — the equipment variety stays the same. Raid Finder difficulty would be an exception because one can’t loot certain items there, such as Pantheon’s Blessing or legendary trinket. Antorus, the Burning Throne offers gear of Tier 21, and most players think it looks amazing. Not to mention, sets are a must-have in 7.3.5 update for any PvE player.

Antorus, the Burning Throne Normal additional info:

  1. Glory of the Argus Raider meta-achievement is done in the Antorus raid. It rewards Antoran Gloomhound account-wide flying mount.
  2. Killing the two last bosses in Antorus allows you obtaining the Lightbringer title, meaning you have completed other requirements of Paragon of Argus achievement.
  3. There are specific trinkets called Path of the Titans. They have pretty interesting effects and work only within the walls of Antorus raid.

Place an order and allow up to 60 minutes for us to contact you and confirm the payment. We will find a boosting group with a raid scheduled somewhere within the next 48 hours. After the raid you will have achievements that prove your skill and at least 7 items from Antorus Normal difficulty. Want more? Get better gear from Antorus, The Burning Throne Heroic.

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