Legion Reputations

Reputations are much more important and useful now than earlier.
Buy WoW Legion fractions reputation and receive some strong benefits.

It brings too much of profit to avoid it:

  • Part of Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One for increased mount speed (will be requested for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two to be able to fly)
  • Unlocks Suramar dungeons
  • Brings tonnes of artfact power
  • Possible drop of legenday item
  • Recipes for professions, toys, epic items of maximal preraid level – 850
  • At Friendly rep with all Broken Isles, you receive a quest that rewards Flight Master’s Whistle which transports you to the nearest flight master and is a huge help while leveling/questing.
  • Friends in a Broken Land / Broken Isles Diplomat achievements, depending on your order

Important note: Service takes up to 40 days (default service is up to exalted reputation)

If you need friendly or rewered reputation – contact our managers to calculate custom price for you

Reputations Info:
Teaser: Since we do care about all of our clients, there will be some roleplayer reputation info (don’t read that info below if you are not a roleplayer, dangerous for your life!!)

1. The Nightfallen
Roleplayers infoThese exiled Nightborne elves suffer withdrawals after being cut off from the Nightwell. They oppose their people’s alliance with the Legion and fight for some kind of redemption.
EmissaryFirst Arcanist Thalyssra
Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110, then completing World Quests and progressing on the Suramar storyline.

2. Valarjar
Roleplayers info: These are the chosen warriors of Odyn, sworn to his service in life and death.
EmissaryValdemar Stormseeker
Reputation Earned By: Questing through Stormheim. Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Stormheim.

3. The Wardens
Roleplayers info: After Legion forces broke the Vault of the Wardens with the aid of Gul’dan, what few Wardens remain are determined to rebuild their prison and hunt down the terrifying beasts that were let loose when it fell.
EmissaryMarin Bladewing
Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, which are spread out across Broken Isle zones.

4. Dreamweavers
Roleplayers info: The druids and their allies in Val’sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.
EmissarySylvia Hartshorn
Reputation Earned By: Questing through Val’sharah. Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Val’sharah.

5. Highmountain Tribe
Roleplayers info: The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.
EmissaryRansa Greyfeather
Reputation Earned By: Questing through Highmountain. Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Highmountain.

6. Court of Farondis
Roleplayers info: The ghostly Court of Farondis and its allies continue the fight against an onslaught of invaders on the cursed island of Azsuna. 
EmissaryVeridis Fallon
Reputation Earned By: Questing through Azsuna. Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Azsuna.

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