World of Warcraft Arena Rating Boost

Buy Arena Rating boost in WoW and dominate in PvP! You can watch your character being played on stream or play it yourself along with our experienced players, who will boost your arena rating to desired amount.

All we need is your character equipped in a decent PvP gear and some experience in case you would like to play yourself. Here’s the list of rewards from Arena Rating:

What to Choose: Selfplayed or Piloted WoW Arena Boost

Piloted boost is when you sit back in a chair and watch your character controlled by our players. Sounds sweet and relaxing, but there are some things that you miss when you choose piloted boost.

We’ve determined 6 huge advantages of picking Selfplayed option:

  1. As you play along with professionals, you actually gain skills that will allow you maintain your rating in the future.
  2. You wouldn’t worry about giving account data to someone else. All your items and gold stays with you (not that we ever took anything from clients). Your guild members and friends see you online and you can chat with them between matches.
  3. Your account safety isn’t even questioned. Normally we use VPN and other methods of securing accounts, but when you play yourself, Blizzard simply can’t say a word.
  4. You earn rating and achievements by yourself, and that’s quite a joy. Especially, when you win a match against a famous streamer or former Blizzcon champion, which also happens.
  5. You decide your team setup — it depends on which spec you’d like to practice.
  6. If someone asks, you can honestly tell that you achieved all of it.

As much as Selfplayed boost is attractive, it has a dark side. Usually it takes longer to reach certain rating, and the price is a bit higher. We’d like you to look at pros and cons, and choose wisely.

Don’t want to play yourself or share account, but still need rating? Easy! We can create a separate account with your credentials, boost a character and transfer it to your main account so you get all the achievements and titles. Contact us for details.

Arena Boost Requirements

PvP talents, 52+ artifact level, 880+ item level. If you don’t meet those requirements, contact us so we could work something out.

If you like 10×10 format more, check our Rated Battleground boost and have fun in AoE massacre.

WoW Arena Facts

  1. There were 8 arena zones in WoW before Orgrimmar’s Ring of Valor was removed due to multiple bugs.
  2. The longest Arena season was Season 8 — it lasted 37 weeks.
  3. The most annoying season was Season 5, because of Engineering abuse.
  4. You get MMR reset every time you level up.
  5. Players have 20 minutes for a match, but only 0.5% of games last the whole time.

Explore arena with professional players playing for you team!

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