Vicious Saddle Boost

Vicious Saddle Boost is performed in 3v3 bracket by

This service will allow you to get boosted through 100 Arena wins and loot the Vicious Saddle

Boosting is carried out by 2 or 3 of our world’s best players.
You will get highly positive winrate, because no one wants to waste own time.

There are new mounts in 7.2 update already available

Vicious War LionVicious War Bear (Horde), Vicious War Bear (Alliance), Vicious War Scorpion

You can choose between two options: Selfplayed or Piloted.

  • In the first case you will play along with our pro gamers.
  • In the second case you will chill and watch the live broadcast.

What would you prefer?

    • 99 €