Shackled Ur’Zul

Shackled Ur’zul Info:

Shackeld Ur’zul is basically created from dead bodies and tormented souls of Army of the Light warriors.

It’s an account-wide flying mount that allows flying in Legion once you unlock it.

Mount has a 100% drop chance from Mythic difficulty of the Antorus the Burning Throne raid. The boss is Argus Enslaved.

The appearance of the mount is rather questionable, but a true collector can’t miss it, because the model is unique.

Save money

To obtain Shackled Ur’zul for lesser money, buy Antorus Mythic loot run. You will get a discount in that case.

    • 100 €
    • 121 €
    • 314 €
    • 180 €
    • 644 €