Tomb of Sargeras Normal Boost

You’re here because you’re tired. Tired of raids where people fail, whine and then leave.
Cheer up! With you will one-shot all 9 bosses in Tomb of Sargeras and loot a lot of gear.

What you get from Tomb of Sargeras Normal boost

  1. 7-14 items of 900-915 item level
    Base item level is 900. If Warforged procs, you loot 910+ item. If Titanforged procs — 915+.
    You will receive at least 7 items for different slots in Master Loot mode. However, there can be more — up to 14.
  2. Achievements
    Chamber of the Avatar, The Gates of HellWailing HallsDeceiver’s Fall
  3. Trinkets included
    You will get trinkets for no extra fee.

Normal Tomb of Sargeras loot run requires nothing

We don’t care if your character has just reached level 110 — our raids have enough DPS to make sure you experience a smooth run.
Although, you might want to increase your survivability a little just so you could actually participate in fights.
Never mind that, if you choose Piloted option — this way you’d need only a stable internet connection to watch the livestreamed boosting.

Contact us now. If we don’t reply within 30 minutes, you get Mythic +10 boost for free.

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Below are options, but what do they mean

Personal Loot Run — same loot distribution system as in, say, heroic 5-man dungeons or LFR raids. Blizzard decides what you get.

  • Selfplayed — You play your character during the loot run. You provide your account data to one of our booster by default.

Master Loor Run — raid leader organizes loot distribution to raiders. This is when you roll for items relying on a dice.

  • Selfplayed — You play your character during the loot run. You provide your account data to one of our booster.
  • Offset Priority lets you skip rolling for Necklaces, Rings and Cloaks. Loot them right away!
  • Relics Priority — check this option to pay extra yet Relics that suit your specialization go to you.
  • Tier Priority — check this to loot Tier Items right away for a small extra fee.

Is this too little for you?
Tomb of Sargeras Heroic boost — harder bosses, better loot.

    • 0 €
    • 25 €
    • 25 €
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