Uldir heroic lootrun

Uldir Heroic loot run price includes:

  • Simple Personal loot or Personal loot run with loot trading (as master loot before BfA)
  • Share account or play yourself
  • 370+ items drops, including new azerite armor
  • Achievements: Halls of containmentCrimson DescentHeart of Corruption.
  • You can use as many bonus rolls as you have
  • Play on first week of Uldir release

Heroic Uldir carry info:

We need you to have a character of 120 level. You may have any item level or enter the raid even naked if that’s your thing. No requirements but 120 level. If you wish to actually participate in the fight, you might want to have some survivability or read tactics. We do the rest.

Buy Uldir Heroic Boost and loot items of 370+ item level. Uldir is the first WoW Battle for Azeroth raid from 8.0 update. It is located on Azeroth planet, in Nazmir.

It was a titan research and quarantine facility, which houses something that could potentially wipe out all life on the planet. When the titans were conducting experiments on the Old Gods and dissecting them to try to understand them, they ended up creating the blood god G’huun. He was locked away within Uldir via three seals but now only one seal remains. The three seals are disks located within the pyramids of Dazar’alor, Atul’Aman, and Nazwatha.

The titans’ plan was to kill the Old Gods without ending their host: Azeroth.

There are 8 bosses in the Uldir raid:

Uldir Heroic additional info:

Glory of the Uldir Raider meta-achievement is doing in the Uldir normal raid. It rewards Bloodgorged Crawg – account-wide ground mount.

The loot on Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties differs only by item level — the equipment variety stays the same. Raid Finder difficulty would be an exception because one can’t loot certain items there. Uldir offers gear of new set, and most players think it looks amazing. Not to mention, Uldir gear are a must-have in 8.0 update for any PvE player.

Place an order and allow up to 60 minutes for us to contact you and confirm the payment. We will find a boosting group with a raid scheduled somewhere within the next 48 hours. After the raid you will have achievements that prove your skill and loot items from Uldir Heroic difficulty. Want more? Get better gear from Uldir Mythic.

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