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Buy EU Hellfire Citadel Normal, Heroic and Mythic Boosts

  • Play Yourself

    Anxious about sharing your account? You don’t have to. We’re strong enough to take you to the raid personally

  • Watch personal stream

    Easier to share account with pros? Ask the manager for a link and enjoy livestream of your character’s adventures

  • Don’t wait long

    We have over ten both alliance and horde raids working for you. In most of the cases you’ll get everything you want in the nearest week

With the release of the 6.2 patch Azeroth heroes faced a new raid dungeon – Hellfire Citadel. team completed the new PvE-content entirely in order to perform most efficiently while working on orders of our beloved customers.

One of the most popular services is loot runs. It’s a quick and safe way to equip your character with actual gear and to provide it with respective achievements. The earlier you buy HFC loot run, the more chances you have to participate in any raid gathered by other players. can boost you in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty of Hellfire Citadel.

Another considerable service is a loot run with full gear. Basically, we take responsibility on gearing your character up until it has proper items in all slots. No matter how long it takes us, your equipment will be of a desired item level eventually. The service is fair and square – you will be able to watch the livestream or even play your character yourself. Your character gets all the HFC Mythic Achievements for free if you order the respective boost.

If you aren’t lucky to get a certain item for a long time, feel free to ask us for single boss kill. This includes Archimonde assassination, which can provide you with a unique mount - Another new mount is the which is a reward for Glory of the Hellfire Raider. It can be also bought from us for a moderate price! is your reliable friend when it comes to completing any World of Warcraft achievements. Buying anything on our website you can be always sure your account stays safe. If the service requires account sharing your credentials remain confident, and the order is completed in short terms.

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