How to Raid in Antorus if You’re Level 100

Whether you’re leveling a toon, have just returned to WoW, or are a completely new player, you can easily participate in latest PvE encounters. It only requires from your level 110 character and a tiny bit of equipment, which you will farm in a couple of days.

Your toon is probably level 100 now. If not, get there quickly because the leveling starts. In Legion the environment is adjusting to your level constantly, so you can level up in any location. Pick the one with fancy name and get going. Leveling in Legion takes ~4 hours if you’re speedrunning and up to 24 hours if you’re enjoying the view.

Once you’ve hit level 110, you want to complete Class Hall Campaign. Finish literally every quest in your Class Order Hall as they all are important.

Hitting level 110 will grant you

  • 3rd relic slot (free)
  • maximum artifact knowledge (free)
  • ability to level up your champions
  • tons of world quests
  • access to Legion lore quests

How strong you are at 110

How strong you need to be

~800+ item level ~920+ item level
~10+ Artifact level ~70+ Artifact level

Gearing Up Before Antorus

As usual, catching up system for newcomers is working fine, although doesn’t guarantee you slots in best raiding guilds.

What you want to do is to farm a lot of Veiled Argunite. This currency is welcomed by Argus vendors, and they give 910+ items in return.
There are several ways to farm for Veiled Argunite. Before you’re off to adventure, make sure you Boon of the Steadfast enchant — it allows looting Argunite Cluster which means even more resources.

1. Killing Rare Elites

There are rare mobs spawned across all 3 zones of Argus.

Use TomTom addon to spot them easily, and paste the following data into the addon to get directions:

/way Krokuun 55.5 80.2 Talestra the Vile
/way Krokuun 58.0 74.8 Siegemaster Voraan
/way Krokuun 69.6 57.5 Tereck the Selector
/way Krokuun 69.7 80.5 Tar Spitter
/way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua
/way Krokuun 42.0 57.1 (Path up) Commander Vecaya
/way Krokuun 53.4 30.9 Sister Subversia
/way Krokuun 60.8 20.8 Vagath the Betrayed
/way Krokuun 41.7 70.2 Imp Mother Laglath
/way Krokuun 50.3 17.3 (Entrance) Khazaduum
/way Krokuun 33.0 76.0 Commander Sathrenael
/way Krokuun 44.5 58.7 Commander Endaxis
/way Mac'Aree 55.7 59.9 Wrangler Kravos
/way Mac'Aree 43.8 60.2 Baruut the Bloodthirsty
/way Mac'Aree 36.3 23.6 Vigilant Thanos
/way Mac'Aree 33.7 47.5 Venomtail Skyfin
/way Mac'Aree 27.2 29.8 Captain Faruq
/way Mac'Aree 30.3 40.4 Ataxon
/way Mac'Aree 35.5 58.7 (2nd floor) Herald of Chaos
/way Mac'Aree 48.5 40.9 Jed'hin Champion Vorusk
/way Mac'Aree 58.0 30.9 Overseer Y'Sorna
/way Mac'Aree 61.4 50.2 Instructor Tarahna
/way Mac'Aree 56.8 14.5 Commander Xethgar
/way Mac'Aree 49.5 52.8 Slithon the Last
/way Mac'Aree 44.6 71.6 Shadowcaster Voruun
/way Mac'Aree 65.3 67.5 Soultwisted Monstrosity
/way Mac'Aree 38.7 55.8 Kaara the Pale
/way Mac'Aree 41.3 11.6 Feasel the Muffin Thief
/way Mac'Aree 63.8 64.6 Vigilant Kuro
/way Mac'Aree 39.2 66.6 Turek the Lucid
/way Mac'Aree 35.2 37.2 Umbraliss
/way Mac'Aree 70.4 46.7 Sorolis the Ill-Fated
/way Mac'Aree 44.2 49.8 Sabuul
/way Mac'Aree 59.2 37.7 Overseer Y'Beda
/way Mac'Aree 60.4 29.7 Overseer Y'Morna
/way Mac'Aree 64.0 29.5 Zul'tan the Numerous
/way Mac'Aree 49.7 9.9 Skreeg the Devourer
/way Antoran Wastes 65.5 26.6 Mother Rosula (Entrance)
/way Antoran Wastes 60.9 22.9 Chief Alchemist Munculus
/way Antoran Wastes 61.7 37.2 Blistermaw
/way Antoran Wastes 53.1 35.8 Vrax'thul
/way Antoran Wastes 65.6 26.6 Entrance Puscilla
/way Antoran Wastes 63.1 25.2 Entrance Houndmaster Kerrax
/way Antoran Wastes 52.7 29.5 Watcher Aival
/way Antoran Wastes 73.2 70.8 Admiral Rel'var
/way Antoran Wastes 75.6 56.5 All-Seer Xanarian
/way Antoran Wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga
/way Antoran Wastes 50.9 55.3 Worldsplitter Skuul
/way Antoran Wastes 56.2 45.5 Gar'zoth
/way Antoran Wastes 57.4 32.9 (Inside building) Mistress Il'thendra
/way Antoran Wastes 58.50, 11.75 Doomcaster Suprax
/way Antoran Wastes 66.0 54.1 Ven'orn
/way Antoran Wastes 61.9 64.3 Wrath-Lord Yarez
/way Antoran Wastes 55.7 21.9 Void Warden Valsuran
/way Antoran Wastes 62.4 53.8 Lieutenant Xakaar
/way Antoran Wastes 80.5 62.8 (portal) Commander Texlaz
/way Antoran Wastes 61.1 45.7 Path start Inquisitor Vethroz

Lots of people will be farming rare elites in the first few weeks since Antorus release to gear up their alts. You won’t have any issues finding a group.

2. World Quests

Watch for WQs pop on the map of Argus. Completing a world quest results into 30-60 Veiled Argunite.

3. Treasure Chests

There are treasure chests spawning all around Argus. Watch closely and be the first to open it.

Other Ways of Gearing Up

You might have a few more options to gear up.

  1. First of all, you’re probably a good PvP player. On higher ranks you will loot gear of decent item level.
  2. Secondly, there’s always chance for a legendary, and it looks like they drop more often than usual.
  3. Finally, look for Invasion Points. Perhaps, it’s the most boring stuff ever, but it rewards a shiny 930+ piece of equipment.