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World of Warcraft Legion Mythic plus or Mythic+ dungeons are harder version of already known dungeons. They are to prove Blizzard’s statement that dungeons would remain needed through all Legion update. Mythic+ provide better gear and higher difficulty as well, taking your player abilities to the limit. There are 15 difficulty modes as of 7.1.0 and last ones of them are really challenging.

Mythic + dungeons in Legion have their own loot system. There is no loot from trash mobs and bosses. Instead, you receive a chance to open 1, 2 or 3 chests in the end of the dungeon. Why chance? Because you have to complete each dungeon in time to be eligible for loot. And yes, the time is limited for each instance.

The difficulty of the dungeon is at your choice, but it strictly depends on the Keystone you possess. Once you complete a common Mythic dungeon, you receive a special item called Keystone. It has a level (difficulty) and a dungeon name on it. Complete that dungeon on a certain difficulty to improve your Keystone to unlock higher difficulties.

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