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The market has many PvP rating boost services to offer,

but their quality varies dramatically

Here's what usually happens

Dummy teams play versus each other early in the morning, and one team intentionally loses matches against the other one. People call it "wintrading". Wintrading is rarely done from the very zero nowadays, as players usually trade a few games at the very end at the highest ratings. Thus weak players can reach any rating they wish undeservedly. Blizzard, however monitors such violations carefully, and at the end of the season characters involved in wintrading do not receive their rewards.


Regretfully, the program code of World of Warcraft has a few holes in it that allows players to use third-party software to gain an enormous advantage in battle. Auto kicks, auto fakes, auto dispels, crowd control effects, finely-tuned to the millisecond - all of that is used by the "professionals" working for other companies. Later on, the client gets disqualified from any ladder activity.

Most services only guarantee that you will obtain the rating required to get the title, but should you get disqualified, they shrug and say that they have done everything possible. This policy allows them to hire cheap players who wintrade, use cheats and don't use proxies. The service takes itself a cut of not lower than 50% of the price and doesn't return you the money even if you couldn't receive the title.

It’s different with

We don't work with players who have not had any significant achievements for several seasons on their own characters. Our executives are World of Warcraft gamers, and we perfectly know all the personalities who have wintraded in the past. We pick players very carefully and only the proven ones are allowed to perform our services.


We avoid any kinds of exploits and will reject any order that might seriously endanger a client's account, even if the client himself asks for it. We are not after easy money, our mission is to offer the most qualified and safe services on the market, and we will never risk our reputation in any way.

We do not sell digits and pixels. We sell the emotions that you get when you open your mailbox with your brand-new gladiator mount, or brag about your freshly acquired RBG title to your mates. Only that makes us consider your order fulfilled. Even though we do everything we can to exclude even a slight possibility of disqualification - no one can guarantee that you title will be 100% safe. But we guarantee a 100% refund if your rating won't reacht top 0.5% of the RBG Ladder as a result of our Alliance/Horde Hero boost.

Buy EU RBG boosts

  • Watch personal stream

    We will gladly provide you with a livestream with your character. In some cases when streaming is unavailable due to technical reasons, we will make a screenshot of each match so you can be sure we are not using wintrade.

  • Don’t worry about account security

    Customer privacy is our number one priority. The players are restricted from chatting with anyone via your account, using inventory and spending gold without permission. In case of breaking the rules our boosters receive a warning and a penalty.

  • Don’t wait long

    In 6 years of working on in-game services market we’ve met enough talented and reliable boosters, and we also have some special order priority arrangements. You will not have to wait more than 48 hours before we start doing your order.

Customer reviews

While most our competitors write fake reviews for themselves or pay renowned players for making
positive videos of them, we are working on gaining reputation on independent forums.

  • I bought a full 550 gear and 1800 rbg boost, they are legit. Prices are great, boost done in 4 days. Friendly and responsive on skype. Very good boosters, i can recommend them!

    Awavz at

  • The service was very fast, only 2-3 days. Person I speak to on Skype will reply to any messages within 20minutes or so, very understanding, doesn't tend to ignore you. Answers all of your questions. Prices are very reasonable, shopping around for 75 wins, I could only find prices around 120 Euros which is why I picked this over my regular russians :P. Overall, very good, no complaints, legit, no problems with order, paid with Paypal too.

    Abmanju at

  • I purchased a full Prideful set and a 2000 RBG rating boost. These guys were very prompt with their communication with me and started working on my character right away. Great service. I'd recommend them to anyone.

    Meyayor at

If you are visiting this page, then you are probably playing world of warcraft’s RBG, or rated battlegrounds, on european realms, which is one of wow’s major PvP aspects. If you would like to boost your RBG rating, receive the Hero title or some other RBG achievement, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can buy RBG rating, achievements, wins farming and many other RBG services. values every customer, so your RBG boost will be safe and secure. Our RBG carries are done by players that are not only experienced in playing RBG, but also experienced in providing the uttermost safety for their clients while doing so. With this amount of security you can be sure that your RBG rating won't go away.


Various RBG ratings give different bonuses:

  • Buy 1700 RBG rating and receive the Knight-Lieutenant RBG title on the Alliance side and the Blood Guard title on the Horde side
  • Buy 1800 RBG rating and receive the Knight-Captain RBG title on the Alliance side and the Legionnaire title on the Horde side
  • Buy 1900 RBG rating and receive the Knight-Champion RBG title on the Alliance side and the Centurion title on the Horde side
  • Buy 2000 RBG rating and receive the Lieutenant Commander RBG title on the Alliance side and the Champion title on the Horde side
  • Buy 2100 RBG rating and receive the Commander RBG title on the Alliance side and the Lieutenant General title on the Horde side
  • Buy 2200 RBG rating and receive the Marshal RBG title on the Alliance side and the General title on the Horde side
  • Buy 2300 RBG rating and receive the Field Marshal RBG title on the Alliance side and the Warlord title on the Horde side
  • Buy 2400 RBG rating and receive the Grand Marshal RBG title on the Alliance side and the High Warlord title on the Horde side


You can also buy self-played RBG boosts with coaching from the players. RBG coaching is a great way of improving your performance on the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. Our seasoned RBG veterans have seen more battles than it is possible to imagine, and know every trick in the book and then some. They will be more than happy to teach you these tricks, so that under their tutelage, your RBG rating will rise to unseen heights.


Should you be interested in receiving the Vicious Saddle, we can help you with that as well. We can help you farm the RBG victories required for getting either the Skeletal Warhorse or the War Raptor mount on the Horde side, or the Warsaber or the War Ram on the Alliance side. You can also receive the Vicious Saddle by buying an appropriate Arena boost (100 arena victories). Buying RBG victories is also a good way of becoming the Veteran of the Alliance/Horde (by winning 75 RBG battles), and receiving the Reins of the Vicious War Steed mount on the Alliance side and the Horn of the Vicious War Wolf mount on the Horde side. 300 RBG victories will net you the Warbringer of the Horde/Warbound Veteran of the Alliance titles.


Our ultimate RBG boost is the Hero of the Horde/Hero of the Alliance. This is one of the most prestigious and sought after titles in World of Warcraft. Buy the Hero of the Horde/Hero of the Alliance title from us and receive the respect you deserve! The Hero title is given to those who end their PvP season in the top .5% of the RBG rating, so receiving one is a sign of great prestige. We guarantee that you will receive the Hero of the Horde/Hero of the Alliance title, or receive a refund in the unlikely case of your rating don't enough as a result of the boost.