World of Tanks Ranked Battles: Is It Worth It?

It’s not a secret for World of Tanks players that new Ranked Battles season has started on February, 19th. Unlike previous seasons, this one will last 21 day. And that’s not the only thing that had been changed by the developers.

Play Less — Get More

Starting this season, Ranked Battles are going to one-staged. There is a very clear target now — players must reach rank 15 and aim to find themselves within the ladder of 50% of best players.

Obtaining rank 15 rewards with 3,5 million credits, 4500 bonds and lots of other stuff. Reaching Prize League awards additional 1250-4000 bonds, premium account, gold, etc.

You’re a Team Player Now

Current season changed criteria of getting chevrons. Now it makes sense to think of team success instead of your own, because if your team wins no one loses their chevron. To say the least. See how it works on the picture below:

Bring firestorm down on enemy tanks and make the earth scorhed in this new season. Good luck, soldier!