WoW Battle for Azeroth Alpha: Build 25902

Blizzard released Battle for Azeroth on test servers, and dataminers are already exploring the game. Let’s see what they found.

Brand new

Mounts: giant parrot, hyenas, frogs, bees, goblin ships, and gladiator mounts: protodrakes and basilisk.

Island Expeditions and Warfronts.
Dungeons: Atal’Dazar, Freehold, Shrine of the Storm, Kezan, Tol Dagor, Siege of Boralus, Temple of Sethraliss, The Underrot.
Scenarios: The fall of Lordaeron for both Horde and Alliance.
Arena: Kul Tiras arena.
— communities and voice chat.

Changes to professions

— Maximum profession level: 100
Alchemy: new potions granting invisibility until you move, turning you into a cloud so you fall slower and float above the water.
Blacksmithing: Khaz’gorian hammer to save money on gear repair.
Enchantment: new enchants reducing your aggro or speeding up the homecoming stone.
Engineering: tons of new inventions and utility bombs.
Inscription: contracts to summon companions.
Leatherworking: diving costume.
Tailoring: balloons and 32-slot bags.

Class changes

Classes suffered massive tweaks, and more is surely coming.
See full changes here and here.

Graphics and music